Bitcoin Sydney Meetup: Bitcoin in 2024

Vield will be attending the Bitcoin Sydney Meetup: Bitcoin in 2024


Join Bitcoin Sydney to catch up and discuss the financial revolution that is taking place before our eyes.

🌏 TOPICS: What will 2024 Bring for Bitcoin

This event will feature a panel discussion + audience Q and A.

Topics to cover include: ETFs:a damp squib or mainstream acceptance, effect of upcoming reward halving, implications of FASB accounting rules, ordinals/blockchain spam and the extent of its ongoing effects on chain fees, technical challenges + more.

James Check:
James leads the analysis team at @glassnode, THE place for on-chain metrics and data. James is a former geotechnical engineer, with expertise in designing tunnels, mines, foundations, and underground structures. Commencing his Bitcoin on-chain analysis journey in late 2018, James is now at the forefront of data and analysis for Bitcoin.

Michael Dunworth:
Michael is co-founder of Wyre payments with an interest in mathematics, cryptography, and thermodynamics, appearing on many Bitcoin podcasts and at conferences. He's been involved in Bitcoin from its very early stages and is one of its most passionate advocates.

Lloyd Fournier:
Lloyd is a Bitcoin researcher focussed on cryptography and Rust engineering.
Of his publicly accessible projects, he is currently working on the Bitcoin Development kit.
He has also co-authored academic work on Bitcoin DLCs as well as working on DLC based projects. A Discreet Log Contract (DLC) is a form of Bitcoin transaction which uses an oracle to execute a smart contract.

Andy P
Andy, a Bitcoin pleb since 2020 and an integral part of The Bitcoin Adviser team, has devoted his personal Bitcoin journey to understanding the ins and outs of moving Superannuation funds into Bitcoin. Exploring the 'how,' 'why,' the risks, and the benefits, Andy is eager to guide you on this journey and provoke your thoughts on managing what could be your largest pool of funds. #Bitcoin #Superannuation #TheBitcoinAdviser"


For this event, we'll be in the upstairs Lounge at Hotel Harry. If you've not been to a Bitcoin Meetup before and want to know what it's all about this is a great opportunity to meet and join the community.


From 6.00pm: Arrival and Networking
7.00: John Pratt: Introduction
7.05: Panel Discussion: What will 2024 Bring for Bitcoin
7.45: Break
8.00: Panel Discussion continued
8.45 - onward: Drinks & networking


With both seasoned Bitcoin veterans and organisers going back as far as 2011 and newer arrivals into the world of Bitcoin, this is a good opportunity to talk about developments and trends in the fast-evolving world of disruptive innovation and finance.

At the Hotel Harry you will be able to have food & drink in pleasant surroundings before we get going with short talks by industry experts, soapbox talks, and Q&A between the audience