Welcome to Vield

Providing quick access to liquidity, with full transparency of crypto assets.

As an Australian crypto platform, we have obtained relevant authorisations to comply with local regulations. Credit Representative 553950 under Australian Credit License 526970. 🇦🇺

Founded in 2021 by finance and tech veterans Johnny and Alex, Vield addresses a glaring need in the financial sector: recognising Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as legitimate collateral for loans. We challenge the traditional lending landscape by offering Australians a smarter, safer way to leverage their digital assets.

Our Mission

Banks and traditional financial institutions have been slow to adapt to the potential of digital assets. Vield fills this gap by providing a secure, transparent, and user-friendly platform for crypto-backed loans. Unlike the volatile and complex world of DeFi, our approach reduces risk and maximises accessibility, ensuring our clients can confidently secure their financial future without the fear of opaque practices or excessive volatility.

Why Vield Stands Out

We're revolutionising crypto-backed lending through a model funded by private credit. This commitment to integrity and transparency ensures your assets are safe and your loan experience is straightforward.

Meet the team

Johnny Phan
Co-Founder & CEO

Innovator with proven expertise in traditional finance and payments, excelling in goal achievement and innovative product delivery.

Alexander Dauphin
Co-Founder & COO

Decisive with experience in forex, crypto, derivatives and trade finance, to drive success in dynamic financial markets.

Sam Teoh

Resilient leader, former CEO/COO of Binance Australia, scaled to 1M+ users in 2 years. Co-founder of TravelbyBit

Chantra Hang
Head of Business Development

Lead growth and partnerships

Hayate Matsu
Lead Engineer

Full stack blockchain engineer

Hiroshi Tanaka
Senior Engineer

Full stack blockchain engineer